Dog Food

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Canadian made, with Canadian ingredients. Quality and care put into every bag. If you are looking for a specific Acana formula, feel free to contact us about it!

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benny bully's liver chops dog treats

Benny Bully’s Dog Treats

The original single ingredient pet treat. Bags available in a variety of sizes ranging from 40g to 1.5kg.

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boreal cat and dog food

Boreal Dog Food

Boreal dog food uses only the finest Canadian ingredient sources. Flavours in dry kibble include: Lamb, Turkey, Wild Salmon. Canned flavours include: Lamb and Beef, Wild Salmon, Chicken and Beef.

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Go! Natural

Canadian made, with quality ingredients. A highly palatable dog food, great for an active dog. Multiple formulas available in 3 different sized bags (4lb, 12lb and 28lb). Also available in canned formulas.

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picresized_1380580785_instinct raw product line

Instinct Raw

Raw food is available in a variety of flavours that your dog will love! Comes in bricks, patties and bites (for quick thaw). Great for all types and sizes of dogs.

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Produced in Canada, sold at a great price! Available in Chicken and Oatmeal (13.6kg and 2.26kg); Fish and Oatmeal (13.6kg and 2.26kg); Lamb and Oatmeal (13.6kg); Large Breed (13.6kg).

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Now Fresh

Canadian made, and grain free! This dog food is available in a variety of different sized bags, and different life stages (puppy, adult, senior),

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Made with 80% protein and 20% fruits and veggies, with ingredients sourced in Canada. This dog food is sure to please even the pickiest of dogs.

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dog and cat food

Pro Plan Dog Food

Pro plan dog food is available in a variety of formulas including all-life stages, and formulas specifically designed for your dog’s age (puppy, adult, senior). We also carry a variety of sized ranging from 2kg to 15kg.

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natural balance dog and cat food

Natural Balance Dog Food

Natural Balance offers a unique product line that is specifically formulated to your dog’s dietary needs. Natural Balance also offers an L.I.D (limited ingredient diet) for those pets with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

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natures variety dog and cat food and treats

Nature’s Variety Dog Food

Nature’s Variety has multiple lines that cater to your dog’s dietary needs, including a raw line and freeze dried line.

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Original recipes provide your pet with a balanced diet of meat, vegetables and omega oils; with zero beef, wheat, corn or soy. Zero added growth hormones, zero by-product meals or artificial preservatives. Canadian made, and a great price! Available in a 28lb bag.

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